This month, Miles added 10,000 miles to his frequent flyer account and just about that many to his shoes.  He is on the go and into EVERYTHING!  Tiring, but so much fun.

  • Motor Skills.  Miles is walking, fast.  Its almost a run and I need to run to catch him.  He moves with relentless energy, its enviable.  He also learned to climb, and my heart jumped into my throat the first time I found him sitting on the kitchen table after leaving the room for just a minute.
  • Communication.  Still no consistent words coming out of his mouth, but the signing is going strong, with a 20+ word vocab.  He can pick up a new sign quickly and remember it days later.  He made up a sign for dog, which looks a lot like a snorting and snuffing rhinoceros, but I know what he means.  At certain points during the day, he will look around the house, then give me the sign for “daddy” and “where did it go?”  A hand swept down his face slowly tells me he’s tired, and he knows he can get anything with please (hand rubbing chest).  He’s getting the point across.  He also comprehends and can follow some simple instructions like, give the book to daddy.
  • Eating.  Miles is a bit too busy these days to sit down for a proper meal, so he makes do with grazing.  A bowl of oatmeal might take 3 hours to polish off.  Food is much more interesting to him if he is in control of the spoon and fork, and there were some funny moments where he speared something only to pick it off with his fingers and feed it to himself.  Almost anything will go down if it is blended into a shake or mixed into an omelet.
  • Sleep.  Aside from the recent hiccup caused by taking 24 hours to travel back in time 13 hours, things are going very well.  He’s back to 2 naps a day, bringing back the mad sprint between 10:30 and 2 when all things outside the house must get done, but he’s happier for it.
  • Fun.  Time with Miles is starting to get super fun.  He loves hiding.  He cracks us up constantly, like when he stumbles around the yard with a bucket over his head.  He is overjoyed at playgrounds and does this audible inhale that thoroughly conveys his maddening excitement.  He brings books to us to read and mimics our hand movements to the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  He points out any animal, all of which are categorized into either bird, elephant or dog/rhino, the only animal signs he knows.