We’ve been back in Penang for 5 days now, but I am not counting our presence until today.  You see, almost a month back in Austin is fun, busy fun, the kind that leaves you exhausted and dropping into bed with a smile on your face.  We had nary 5 minutes of unscheduled time by the last week (thankful for Google Calendar so Tim and I can keep our life straight!), and it was almost a relief to drop into our seats on the 777 headed east out of LA and back towards our island-life that I missed so while we were away.

I haven’t technically been “here” since we have been toppled and held under by the horrid jetlag-teething fairy, let up for air in 15 minute increments, enough time to take a shower or close my eyes, but not enough to produce anything creative like writing or a meal.

But today!  I have high hopes for today.  For one, I slept 8 hours last night.  Eight hours that commenced following a recommendation by my dear husband that I “just go to bed” at 7:30, and ended with the alarm clock of Bollywood Dance party on the street below our window at 4am – Penang’s favorite alarm clock.

Miles’ too apparently; he’s calling me now.  Just wanting to let you know I’m back, and that I have a new camera that I will be posting pictures off of soon.