I was thinking I could discontinue this update post, maybe slow it down to once a quarter…and then BAM! this month happened and we have a new child on our hands.  For starters, this one looks more like his daddy than ever before.  For more, read on.

  • Monkey.  Miles does not slow down. In fact, he doesn’t sit down unless I physically restrain him (what else are the straps on a highchair for?)  He is in constant motion, and recently the direction of that motion has turned vertical: we’ve got a climber on our hands.  On top of the toilet, on top of the kitchen table, up the chair and onto the window sill, and most disturbingly, up the side of the crib and out of his bed.  I was pretty freaked out when that happened.  He was not so freaked out that he wouldn’t try it again.  The next time I set him in it he was over the side, using the sticky feet to gain purchase on the varnished boards.  I now put the toilet brush up high, keep the table free of anything and put him to bed with socks on, but I am fighting a losing battle against his growth hormones which make him longer and stronger without adding much bulk.
  • Words!  I wouldn’t say Miles is talking.  His only intelligible “dada” word is consistent and dead on (being used for dad only).  Others are consistent but in his own language like food (b/doof), keys, grapes.  However, there are lots of other words slipping out here and there.  Did he just say cat? button? pancake? grandpa? dog?  As the words tumble out, the signs drop off; we haven’t seen daddy in a few days.  On the signing front, Miles has learned to say please and uses it incessantly to get what he wants.  “bbbdddooff” *please*, further emphasized by tugging on the refrigerator doors.
  • A crossroads.  I also feel we are at a crossroads. Miles is old enough to understand, too young to control his impulses.  I am running out of places to move the things I don’t want him to get into, and I feel we need another form of discipline other than diversion.  A wise momma told me, when I asked what to do about his climbing, “you be as consistent as you can, and teach him how to get down”.  We’re trying.
  • And in other news: Miles wants a big sister after we had 2 big girls come stay with us for a few days…Tooth 5 erupted, and 6 is making a torturous descent…Jetlag is bad for sleep schedules.  For everyone…trying to phase out the morning nap, slowly, slowly…
Oh, and happy birthday, uncle Elephant!  I mean TJ!