May 2011

One of the perks of living overseas is meeting all kinds of interesting people from all over the world.  Some of our friends here are military from New Zealand, they have a daughter who is a little under one month older than Miles.  Last night, they invited us to a cocktail reception onboard a frigate.  A frigate (pronounced frig-it) is a huge military ship.  This monster looked pretty ominous as we approached at twilight, but the atmosphere on board, not to mention the free-flow beer & cocktails, more than made up for it.  Tim was stoked with the NZ local Tui (not to be confused with Toohey’s) beer, which actually contained some hops.  I liked the white dress uniforms on the sailors.  We all enjoyed the traditional Maori haka, a warrior dance.  So thankful to have such interesting opportunities!


We’ve been a bit absent from the blog (seems to be the season, my feed reader has been DEAD recently), but life is still going on here, including the growth and development of one certain little man.  Here’s what’s been up with him:

  • Communication:  Miles has really started using words for things, from “nana” (banana) to dada/mama.  We’ve had our friends visiting and Miles has multi word sentence communication with their toddler, apparently they understand each other.  Its cute to finally hear his “voice”.  He still signs to get most of his point across and has recently added signs for rain, help and drawing.  Oh, and he is really good at shaking his head “no”.
  • Motor Skills: Still climbing everything.  He’s gotten smarter about how to get into things too, moving chairs so he can climb onto counters or up to unlatch the windows (scary).  His walk has quickened to a run and we have to chase him down.  He’s much more independent now, walking places himself and feeding himself, which typically ends up as a giant mess.
  • Sleep: Sleep is touch and go.  I thought he was done taking morning naps, then he wakes up at 4:30am the next day if he doesn’t get one.  Some days he is begging for the bed, and curls up with his little elephant sweetly just halfway through twinkle twinkle, other times he fights it for 20 minutes before finally passing out.
  • Eating: Now that he is in control of getting it to his mouth, Miles seems more willing to eat anything. It probably helps that he is pretty much getting what we get these days, there’s no jealousy and peering over the edge of my bowl into greener (and usually raw-er) pastures.  Favorites include cheese (teesss), yogurt, rice and grapes.
  • Other: Still only 6 teeth, one day (night) its going to get really bad, I’m afraid…Miles learned to kiss with a big *smack* and also kisses the people in the computer and the phone…he loves to sing and dance, and has a sign for music which is two hands overhead “snapping” while he clicks his tongue…he loves books, especially one with real pictures of babies in it. His favorite page is the one with 4 babies taking a bath, he does the sign for bath and just loves that page…he thinks my glasses are a hat and asks to put them on, looking quite scholarly.