Penang hardly has enough hustle bustle to warrant an escape, but that is exactly what we did, trading one tropical island for another.  We took a long weekend last weekend and made the journey about 100 miles south to Pangkor Island.  A 2.5 hour drive followed by a half hour ferry followed by a 15 minute ride in a pepto-pink conversion van taxi away, it felt a lot further than just a quick sail down the Straights of Melacca.

Tiger Rock is the jungle residence of some artists who, incidentally, live in Penang.  There are a couple houses with about 5 rooms to rent, all with interestingly decorated common areas between them.  We were three couples with 5 children between us from 1-4 yrs old, and we had the whole place to ourselves.  There is a team of 5 lead by the fabulous Mr Mohan who’s job it was to look after us, and that they did.  From the icey lime juice and bhindi blessing welcome to special kids meals to a fridge stocked with fruit, snacks and beverages we were pampered every step of the way.  The rental is full board and the meals were fantastic.  Breakfast was continental style, but with eggs made to order.  Lunch was malay ranging from curries to satay to fried noodles.  Dinner spiced it up with some local flavors, and each night we had a memorable delicious fish dish.

As for stuff to do, it was the kind of place we could have gotten bored at 16 months ago.  As it was, chillin’ at the pool, naps in our breezy poolside chalet and a morning trip to the beach was enough to occupy Miles and afforded Tim and I some opportunity to rest up as well.  The major highlight of being in a jungle preserve was the wildlife show we got the morning of our departure: a 3 ft viper (more poisonous than a cobra!) and a fruit bat were caught by the staff then displayed on some of the dining area’s decor for a few hours for us to enjoy.  Luckily the snake was lazy and the bat was sleeping (upside down, from a hanging plant).  I still kept a wide berth with Miles, while Tim zoomed in with his camera.