This little bean is getting more fun and more cheeky all the time!  I think this is the fun part of toddlerhood, and I am fully enjoying it.

  • Inevitable.  I knew it.  With parents like us how could he avoid it? (No, he’s not already doing calculus…that will be in the 18 mo update.)  Miles is a runner.  He no longer walks anywhere, his flat feet smack on the floor as he rushes from room to room.  Fortunately, his balance seems pretty good and no major accidents thus far.  He also likes to show off on steps, putting one foot only on each going up (not step, meet, step, meet, like he did before) and not holding on for the way down.  Luckily here he’s a pretty good faller.  Is that a notable accomplishment?  Miles has the tuck and roll down.
  • Blah, blah, blah.  The constant babbling of last month started to come together into coherent (to me, anyway) words.  Mama and Dada are favorites, and used almost constantly in any new situation where we are not within his sights mamadadamamadada…  He will try and say any new word if you start it with “can you say..,.?”, except for those he has mastered by signs.  The only two I can see that transferred over to verbal at this point are dada and banana, although those signs are often used in conjunction with the word.  Food words are favorites: eggs, cheese, juice, grapes, milk…
  • No-No. He’s 17 months.  Of course he is all about the no.  For Miles, its in the form of a very solemn bowed-head-wide-sweeping-side-to-side head sweep.
  • Yes.  Fortunately, he says yes almost as much as he says no.  Here’s one where he foregoes his previous breathy “yeah” for a more vigorous full body jolt that comes from the solar plexus and eminates through his body.  I need to get these on video.  They’re emphatic.
  • Food.  Miles will only eat things he wants to eat, and only things he brings to his own mouth (with an exception for ice cream, it seems).  I am just trying to go with the provide several healthy options and be OK with whichever goes down, even if its not the healthiest one.  I have not exactly been a pillar of reference in this department the last couple weeks, anyway…pickles and ice cream?  Miles loves it too.
  • Others…Tooth seven made its appearance in Borneo, leading me to believe Miles will never cut a tooth at home in his own bed…We counted that Miles was on his 30th flight, making it almost one flight every 2 weeks of his life.  He does have massive feet, but I think his carbon footprint is even bigger…That being said, his traveling days are over it seems, after a particularly needy night at a hotel in KK, Tim swore he was never taking Miles anywhere again…Miles sings and does the hand motions to “itsy bitsy spider” and was showing off for some friends during dinner the other night.  I think I was the only one who got what he was doing…He’s a dancing fool when some good music comes on (his interpretation of good music that is), incorporating moves such as the high stomp, low squat, side to side shuffle, and the arms up spin (but only to the left).