I ran today, yesterday I lifted weights, and the day before that I swam.  I am sore, but I feel great.

I went almost 2 months without doing anything; I was completely sedentary.  Any physical activity at all left me feeling dizzy or nauseated or just plain exhausted.  Apart from not feeling like myself in every other way, not exercising really made me feel like someone else.  It hurt to sit in wooden chairs because I lost all the junk in my trunk.  My calves reminded me of the time when I broke my foot and was in a boot for 6 weeks (itchy skin and everything – how did I forget all these pregnancy side effects??).

My first (very conservative walk-) run changed all that, and I love the burn that reminds me of the muscle underneath.  I guess I am back to being hooked.  I even feel motivated enough to start thinking about starting a pregnancy yoga group; it helped me so much during my first pregnancy, and there are no such classes available here.  Hope I can keep up the activity, and that the motivation remains.  I love it!  Hello, second trimester!