See that furry grey thing next to my furry blond thing?  That’s Sleepy, a stuffed hand puppet elephant I impulse bought in the checkout line of Jo-Anne Fabrics for 50% off last time we were at home.  He’s Miles’ bedfellow.  Miles knows Sleepy is lazy and likes to stay in bed all day (unless he’s naughty and escapes with the help of his partner in crime).  Miles likes to give Sleepy a kiss and wave good night.  Miles can find Sleepy’s eyes and ears, but gets confused on the nose and teeth.  When its time for Miles to hit the hay, he lifts one arm for Sleepy to tuck under and snuggle, then he’s usually down for the count.  I don’t know if I’m fostering an unhealthy relationship here and if Sleepy will be going to college with Miles 16 years down the road, but it sure is cute for now.