I hear it all the time, and it is so true.  This is truly a very fun age.

  • Talk, talk, talking.  This month has been all about the words.  Miles seems to add about 2-3 new ones a day.  The most used word is not surprisingly, mama.  Of note: family members “May” and “Vra” (grandma);  last week’s “beer”; his extensive janitorial vocabulary that includes not only “bucket”, but “mop”, “broom”, and “trash”; some form of “blender”; a range of foods from “fish” to “blueberries”; and a collection of sound effects including “knock, knock”, “DONG!”, and “BOOM!”.  Signing is still going strong, but I think he will soon realize it is not an effective means of communication with 99.9% of the population, as his friends are not too responsive when he stands in front of them signing *more, food, please* to try and get some snacks off them (little beggar).
  • Jump up and Jam.  Miles has been working on his jumps.  He gets zero air at this point, but its cute to watch him drive his momentum up over and over.  He still loves dancing, which reminds me I have a video to share with you.  I tried getting him to be more comfortable in the water by putting water wings on him in the pool, and was only effective in scaring him off.
  • Eat your veggies.  Miles certainly eats enough, if evaluated by the input/output method.  However, the variety he readily consumed prior to his first birthday has slowly dwindled to a small list, none of which are leafy and green.  Current favorites: blueberries (by a landslide), salmon, avocado, chicken, tortillas, olives (the saltier the better, and not soaked in gin, yet), watermelon, peaches and cheese.  He is also drinking a ton: milk, juice, water, shakes – making cloth diapering less interesting when I have to change him every 45 minutes.
  • I’m not even going to mention sleep.  He is transitioning to just one nap a day and we flew halfway around the world.  He gets some sleep every day, and it appears to be enough to fuel his highly active lifestyle.
  • Relentless.  I guess you can also call it endless curiosity.  This is one of Miles’ personality traits that has come through loud and clear.  He will not let something go.  If he wants in he is GOING TO GET IN!  No matter how long it takes.  And he will go back to the same things he is not supposed to be in over and over and over.  Hoping I suppose to wear us out. It works.
  • He loves reading and playing.  If mom is around he will constantly ask for up, up, but does pretty good playing independently without that temptation around.  He can open most doors and locks (including bathroom doors and childproofing locks), and is learning to move furniture for a better climbing vantage.  He has been teething his 8th tooth for about 6 weeks, and it should come through any day now, away from home like all the others.  He is loving babies these days, especially pictures of mom and dad with a baby (him), which I hope is good news for the little one on the way!  If you ask “where’s Miles?”, he solemnly points to himself and says “Mies”.