Talking and teething and tantrums, oh my.

  • Talking.  Wow, this month has been all about learning new words and putting them to use.  It’s frustrating at times when presented with just the first little sound of something Miles really wants.  He just repeats and repeats it until finally grabbing our hand and leading us around.  I’d guess he says about 50 intelligible words, and sings about 4 songs.  It’s fun.
  • Teething.  Oh, man.  We waited, and waited.  And now Miles has molars.  All but one of the first set, making our total tooth count to eleven!
  • Tantrums.  We do have a toddler.  One who is nearing two years old.  This month offered glimpses of what is to come.  A breakdown for him starts with some anxious pre-screaming panting, includes plenty of “mama”s and may or may not be accompanied by throwing something and/or swatting.  Fun times to come.
  • Travel anxiety.  For a kid who is on the go a LOT, and who never gets left behind (except this once), Miles has some major travel anxiety.  If he sees a packed suitcase or a travel toiletries case, he refuses to leave my side, let alone sleep.  Tim and I have taken to sneaking around packing, leaving out piles of clothes (that seems completely normal to him for some reason) and pulling out the suitcase in the dead of night, often getting it in the car before he wakes up.  Thirty-nine flights down at this point in his life, and at least he (and I) are getting the hang of airport time and flying.
  • Follow the leader.  Miles loves leading us around, grabbing 0ur hand or pushing from behind.  He will guide our hands to do something.  He likes to follow little instructions and “help” where he can, I even saw him do a little clean up!
  • Baby buck.  The last week of this month, Miles spent almost completely naked.  We’ve been giving him lots of bare butt time to become more aware of his body functions.  The first day was full of accidents, but since then he has been pretty good about waiting until we sit him on the potty or more often put on his diaper for sleep or going out.  Right now it kind of feels like diaper training, but at least he is learning to control when to let it go.
  • In love.  Miles is in love.  Her name is Ada and she lives downstairs.  All day he asks for her, he pretends to call her on the phone.  He looks out the window for her, goes to the door that leads downstairs.  He identified a girl in one of his books who has dark, curly pigtails, and points to her each time we are on that page, “Ada!”.  He watches videos of them playing over and over.  She is currently on home leave, too, in “dur-kees” (Turkey).  She’ll be home next week, and maybe Miles’ broken heart will start to mend.