With Miles starting kindy/daycare/preschool/whatever you want to call it next week, I had the realization today that this week might be the last I spend at home with Miles, just me and him.  It was kind of sad, and it motivated me to spend our additional time together baking, which is surely Miles’ favorite activity. “Miles mix, mix”.  But then I started thinking about all the time I am going to have with the new baby, and while I am looking forward to that, there is a part of me that has gotten used to a flow of life around one kid, an increasingly independent one.  The list below is a few things I want to try and sneak in as often as possible in the next 15 weeks:

  • Date Night – it might be a while before #2 has a consistent 7:30 pm bedtime, so we booked our babysitter once a week for the next 15.
  • Riding Bikes.  I guess the doctor doesn’t really want me to ride around any more, but how could I get 2 on a bike?
  • Sleep in the car – that’s for Miles. How could I possibly get 2 sleeping kiddos into an apartment 7 floors up?
  • Girls’ Weekend Away!  Got something in the works for late October/early November
  • Meal Planning.  Maybe if I start now and get into the habit, it will be easier when I really need it?  This one is hard for me – I am NOT a planner.
  • Yoga – I found a teacher, and a nice Tuesday night class.  I plan to get through my 10 class pass before delivery time
  • Afternoon Naps – I am in the habit of laying down when Miles does (hence my lack of posting on this blog), taking 1-2 hours each afternoon.  How long does it take until they sleep at the same time??
Oh, and all that stuff to prepare for a new baby.  What is all that stuff again?  🙂