Miles is growing up.  He understands what we say, copies what we do, and needs to be up to his elbows in everything!

  • Mine: word of the month.  Everything is ‘mine, mine’.  Basically just means he wants something, but I try and explain, no Miles, that actually belongs to Momma, and I am sharing with you.
  • The stool.  Miles has  a little ottoman from his nursing chair that he drags around the house, effectively making him 18″ taller.  This means he is on every counter, every table, in the sink, at the stove (yikes!) and helping with all tasks that go on there.  Dishes are a clear favorite (and luckily he cannot reach the faucet yet).  He also likes to “mix, mix”, which means to help with cooking.  I’m glad he has such an interest, and that he is learning to steer clear of knives and the stove (do you want to touch sharp? hot?, to which he replies with a shaking head, waving hand and ‘bye, bye’)
  • The pot.  Another month of diaper free, and we’ve had some back and forth.  Not so much with accidents on the floor, those are very rare, but sometimes he is keen to sit and read/watch videos on the potty, and other times he would rather hold it.  For a LONG time, or at least until I get his swim diaper on and take him to the pool.  Ugh.  We’ll get there, anyway.  I stopped using cloth diapers (he was super-soaking through them in about 45 minutes), so we go through 2-3 disposables a day.
  • Thanks.  We made it a priority to start family dinners this month so we all sit down and eat together each night.  Most nights, anyway.  This means 2 good things: Miles gets exposed to whatever we are eating, and tends to eat better when he sees us doing it AND he participates in our pre-dinner ‘grace’, where we hold hands and go around saying what we are thankful for.  He knows the drill, daddy goes first, then momma, then Miles says ‘thanks’ and then we can eat!  He loves this tradition and sometimes insists on doing it before breakfast or when we eat out.  Its so sweet, though, we can’t resist.
  • Sleep: a regression.  I can’t blame jetlag, or molars, or lack of routine.  Miles just did not have a good month of sleeping.  Night waking, calling for momma, and not putting himself to sleep.  Sigh.
  • Other – Miles started daycare Monday, just a little break for momma and a chance to get some energy out on some other, well-paid adults…even with the mine-mine attitude, Miles doesn’t seem to care that much if other kids take stuff from him, he just picks up something else to play with…so much singing these days, there will be whole mornings where Miles is hanging around singing songs to himself, or having an unintelligible monologue…I have been taking some mom time recently, so lots of chances for Miles to bond with dad, they are so sweet together.  I love my little family, and looking forward to it getting bigger…I don’t think Miles has any concept of a baby on the way.  He likes to poke and prod my belly, kiss it and say baby, but I don’t think he ‘gets’ it yet at all.  He will soon enough, 3 months to go!!