I thought I might lump all these thoughts together again, just in case.  In case of what I am not exactly sure, but just in case.

Fifteen Weeks (7/8/2011): Things did not magically get better, but the arrival of a fairy godmother helped out a LOT.  Grandma Linda is here now (VRA! as Miles calls her), and she is constantly tending to Miles, changing his diapers, taking him to play, for walks, reading him stories and last night even putting him to bed.  This leaves me with lots of time to lay in bed.  And I am still very tired.  Not so sick any more, and although she gives me glaring looks when I stand in front of the stove for too long (because I am not resting), I am back to enjoying food and cooking.  My belly popped out last week and there is no hiding it any more. I put in an order with Gap and Old Navy for some end of season summer maternity clothes, and one pair of elastic waistband shorts from ON that for some reason are not maternity that Tim will bring back.  I think by then, I will be good and ready for them.  I’m feeling those little brushy movements almost every day if I concentrate on it.  Trying desperately to get some real exercise, but the air quality here has been horrible due to the slash and burn going on in Indonesia, so I am just staying inside instead.  I should get going on those Pilates videos…maybe next week.

Oh!  And this weekend is our baby moon!  Pangkor Laut, and 2 nights of blissful sleep!  I can’t wait!

16 weeks & alien eyes

Sixteen Weeks (7/13/2011): I woke up today and didn’t even look pregnant.  I tried to show AM my belly and realized it was a joke.  That’s because there is nothing in there but baby, due to the eviction policy over the last 24 hours.  I don’t know who implemented it, but I really don’t appreciate being back to these tricks.  Back to oatmeal, bananas and soda water, at least for another day or so.  Fingers crossed that things get better soon, soon as in before our trip to Bali in less than 2 weeks.  Tim leaves for Austin in 2 days, and I am worried about having enough energy to keep up with Miles, even the part time I have to do with Linda around.

The night before he left, we went to our 4 month appointment at the OB.  More pictures of our (calm!) baby, who now looks just like an alien.  (S)He was sucking his thumb (already a self-soother, nice!) and tracked right on size.  I’m still not quite there in the weight gain arena, but definitely getting a belly and at least back to where I started.

Seventeen Weeks (7/18/2011): OK, so seems my fears about Tim going were a little more than that.  After dropping him off, I had this feeling: oops.  That was a mistake. (I blame the blubbering flood that ensued entirely on pregnancy hormones)  After consulting with Linda, and spending the weekend on afterhours calls with the travel agent, we are headed back to the US today.  Its 36 hours of travel, with Miles in my ever-diminishing lap.  But it will be worth it.

Nineteen Weeks (8/3/2011):  Its been 2 weeks of sweltering Austin, we got through the jetlag OK (lots of staying in bed for me) and are looking forward to going to MI for a climate relief on Friday.  And to see family.  I had a rough week last week, not sure if it was the heat or what, but I spent a lot of time letting Miles wreck havoc (pretty sure our entire pots and pans collection is far from “round” at this point) while I stayed on the couch or in the bed.  This week is much better!  Today I got to go to yoga.  Tim was working so I had some amazing help from friends who also have a 3 month old (!!!) who said yes to watching Miles.  Amazing!  Yoga was great, back at the old studio with my old teacher on her first day back from maternity leave.  I loved being with 20+ other pregnant women, almost all on their first baby (second time around and I fear this mid-point class may be my one and only!).  The energy in the room was fantastic.  I think this is something I have missed out on this time – a chance to really get excited and concentrate on my body.  Miles is wonderful, but takes so much of my time and energy.  The experience motivated me to carve out some “me” time each day when we get back to Penang.  I went to pick up Miles and get some pointers from my new-parent friends about having a toddler and newborn.  I opened the door to silence.  Miles was sitting at the table 75% done with dinner and the little one was cooing in her bouncer.  Wow!  They assured me this state had only been in effect for 30 seconds and asked if Miles always has that much energy.  There was an unmistakeable look of fear in their eyes.  What are we in for??!!

Twenty Weeks (8/13/2011):  Halfway, and things are great!  Feeling good, and the 75F helps out a lot.  Another exciting thing is that I can now feel the baby moving multiple times a day and also on the outside!  When we get back to Penang next week, Tim will be excited to feel that.  I’ve seen lots of family, and everyone is excited about Miles & #2.  Funniest response from my grandma: You are so small!  You don’t even look pregnant!  Are you sure that baby is OK?  I hope so. 🙂  About time for a belly shot, I know.  Let me get on that…

22 weeks

Twenty-Two Weeks (8/23/2011): Back in Penang and looking decidedly pregnant.  My first trip back to the market had vendors either staring without comment at my bump, or staring with exclamation. It was fun.  Being pregnant with a toddler and jetlag has not been fun.  It’s been really hard.  Hopefully we are through it soon.  We went in for another check up and ultrasound this week.  I loved this one, as we could see into the brain (Tim has a theory there is conservation of brain mass and baby is getting all of ours – I am so forgetful these days!), and see the 4 chambers of the heart pumping away.  Amazing!  Baby is doing really well, doc says.  And by the way, have I mentioned how much I love this doctor!!?!  He’s fantastic.  Told me I am getting nice and fat (impressive weight gain this visit) and to keep it up!  We’re having name discussions, but nothing is jumping out.

Twenty-Three Weeks (9/3/2011) – Someone needs to tell us to stop taking babymoon trips, its exhausting!  I think with being overtired (Miles’ sleep regression doesn’t help), some of the morning sickness crept back for a while, and I puked after a trip to McDonald’s, which means I will not be going back there any time soon.  Otherwise, things are moving right along, and I am loving my pregnant body.  I’m right at that point where I am curvy without being massive, but most definitely pregnant looking.  It feels good!  I went through and put away all the clothes that either won’t fit any more or that I don’t want to ‘ruin’ by wearing them while pregnant (I will not want to wear anything ‘maternity’ post partum, even if its not a maternity thing).  Baby is active-active.  I think this is the good part of the 2nd trimester!

22 weeks

Twenty-Five Weeks (9/16/2011) – Woah, baby!  My belly has totally popped out!  Its a nice little round ball now that seems to compliment every outfit.  Kind of.  I still feel a bit self conscious when people say – wow! you’re getting big!  I guess I wasn’t going to stay not showing forever.  The baby is being super active.  Last week (s)he was feet down and delivering stunning blows to my pubic bone.  Not fun.  48 hours later, flipped with feet to the right, then to the left, then back to the pubic bone assault for a day or so until back to the right.  I am a bit worried about what is going on with the umbilical cord during all this…  Tim has also made it his personal mission to make sure I get some workouts in, which is really good.  I started yoga once a week and most nights get out either to the pool or to the gym for 20-30 minutes of exercise.  It does help me feel better.  Such a difference from last time when I was still running around at this point, lifting weights, doing yoga, etc, etc.  I’m also thinking of all the things I can do now that will be a little more difficult with infant in arms, and trying to take advantage of those.  One of them is riding my bike around with Miles in the bike seat.  Last time I went to the hospital, my endocrinologist gave me a hard time about it when he found out it was a push bike and not a motor bike.  A motor bike would have been better?  And does he know what the parking situation is like at the hospital (without a dedicated spot)??  I can’t believe I only have a little over a week left in the second trimester!  Christmas is quickly approaching!

26 weeks - angel face

Twenty-Seven Weeks (9/26/2011): We went in Friday for another check up, all is well on the baby front.  We got to see the face very clearly – no cleft lip (the doctor said).  We continue to skip over the lower half of the body, gender will be a surprise.  I am still feeling boy, but Tim says we should prepare for a girl.  Or else I should prepare to have another baby (he wants a daughter! 🙂 ) We’re working on the name thing, talking mostly about girls’ names and not really getting anywhere.  A whole trimester to go.  I have 2 trips coming up, one this week to Singapore.  Winnie asked what I wanted to do.  I honestly want to just hang out and watch movies – I am exhausted!  I nap almost every day 1-2 hours with Miles (who is back to taking good naps, thank you, baby.), but I get up a lot at night.  Half is Miles, half discomfort.  My belly is getting B-I-G (see pic below) but I am still weighing in around 15lbs less than I did with Miles at this stage, total weight gain from pre-pregnancy is at about 12 lbs.  It must have something to do with the noted lack of running and resistance exercise I do.  I do have this habit of carrying around a 25 lb weight, though.  Here we go!

26 Weeks B-E-L-L-Y!!!