While daddy headed off to the Pearl of the Orient, Miles and I went back to Singapore for a few days to visit our friends.  We were gone just about 48 hours, and unfortunately spent the majority of it sick.  No teething this time, just fevers, cough and lots and lots of snot.

Anyway…we still got to sneak in a few fun outings: a stroll through the botanical gardens, which are gorgeous!, ending at a splash pad; a stop for homemade ice cream, with so many tempting flavors from the very intense black sesame to unique fresh coconut; browsing at H&M, where they stocked their full winter line. In Singapore. At the equator. Interesting; dinner at a Whole Foods-esque fresh market, everything was so delicious – real bread!; and a little paddle in the pool before heading back to Penang.  In between, there was playtime with Taylor, catch up talks with Winnie, and just appreciating being with friends.  And watching Elmo.

This was probably my last trip before #2.  I am already well into the third trimester, and found the travel itself to be a bit tiring.  Especially with a sick and screaming kiddo on my lap.  I’m sure traveling with two won’t be exhausting at all 😉