I warned you that I’ve been busy on another project.  This one takes up my energy and I find myself up in the wee hours (up already, that is) planning and thinking about it.  When its out in the world, it’s a source of pride for me, something of my own creation, my own blood, if you will.  My hopes for it are that it will grow and develop and become something special for everyone who encounters it.  While I could be talking about the little kickboxer in my womb, I am not.  I am talking about my new blog.

Yes, we’ve been down this path.  I told you about my previous diversions, things to keep my mind off the inevitable scary thing to come (a first baby, a big move).  It’s not like that, I swear.

A year ago, I started an online moms forum for parents in Penang.  Mostly it was for people who just moved here, or who were planning to, to get an idea of the community offerings here, ask questions, get support and advice.  This year, I transform those conversations and some I have had with people into posts on a blog.  Check it out at PenangMomma.com.  I hope it will help to further bring our community together, and be a comforting resource for new parents here.