I told myself that I would look into daycare for Miles when I was 6 mo pregnant or he was 2, whichever came first.  Well, I was 6 months along last month, Miles was 19 months old, and I didn’t realize how ready I would be to get a tiny break in the mornings as well as a bit of reassurance that the new baby might get momma for a few moments, alone, each day.  So I looked around and found a little local Waldorf school run by the most patient and wonderful couple (their kids are also there).  While unfortunately Miles’ trial period at the school coincided with a major sleep regression ridden, needing momma laden time in his life, he took immediately to Teacher Lin and Uncle.  The first weeks were tough – I would drop him off for an hour a day and often he would cry, a lot, until I came back for him.  But they held him, and distracted him, and his friends reported on his progress (“Miles crying, misses Loworl”), and each day got a little better.  Friday I dropped off an excited boy (“Miles, where are we going?” “DIN-DY!!!!”), who walked away without crying (“Momma bye-bye”).  It was water play day, afterall, and there was a big inflatable pool all filled up.

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