Look at this cheeky little boy!  I am really relishing in his sweetness at this age, although “no” is more and more common, he really does have only pure intentions in his heart.  Love! ❤

  • Bean Counter.  Miles is learning to count!  He likes to count “beans”; a bean being anything smaller than a rock that is not a rock, like a seed or a pinecone, or a shell.  He extends his index finger and knows where to start: “unnnn..doooo”, it stops there and goes to erratic pointing at all the beans.  The other day he busted out with an “eight!” when I was counting and got past 7.
  • Who, What, Where?  This month, Miles developed standard answers to the W’s: Who? Ada. What? Apple. Where? Up.
  • Bus or Truck?  On the way to kindy each morning, Miles and I have a game.  He chooses one or the other, and I get the leftover.  Whoever sees their vehicle first “wins”.  He can also identify a motorcycle “mo-turrr” and a taxi.  This game was modeled after the game he plays with Tim each night: Bird or Dog?
  • Morning, Sun!  Each morning, Miles gets very excited at the appearance of a huge red ball over the sea “Dun!!!”  He waves and says good morning.  At night (and he discovered even during the day) he searches the sky for his second favorite, the moon.
  • Sleeping seems back on track, for the most part.  At least it is pretty consistent, 10 hours at night and 2-3 in the afternoon.  Thank you!
  • Food.  We started off the month with Miles insisting he would only take food off a spoon or fork he personally delivered to his mouth, and ended it with him dumping out the contents of any plate or bowl onto the table/floor eating only when we shovel it in for him.  Favorite food: fish!  And yes, I am a mom that hides veggies.
  • Potty!  Miles is using the potty for all his #2’s and I can take him out of the house without diapers for short periods if I explain he is not wearing diapers and he can’t poop or pee unless he is on the toilet.  Still uses (disposable now) diapers at daycare and during sleep.  But it is a step in the right direction.  Slowly, slowly.
  • Other…Miles LOVES to play in the sand, “beeeetch” is his favorite destination; favorite toys are a tea kettle & cups, bus with sesame st characters, anything with wheels; singing is also a great distractor, although he is most interested in new songs, I am constantly challenging my memory and coming up with something he hasn’t heard before; “preparation” for the new baby consisted of reading a story where the big brother’s bed was relegated to the new baby, we think he is getting it, because he HATES that book now and refuses to read it; naked time is all the time around here, as soon as we get home it’s shoes off, shorts off, dipe off (at Miles’ insistence).  Unfortunately, it’s extending to outside the home, hope our neighbors don’t mind a naked boy running around the pool!