Up.  By far, Miles’ favorite word.  We have this conversation 100 times a day:

  • Momma?
  • Yes, Bugsy*?
  • Up.
It doesn’t even mean anything, I might be holding him at the time of the conversation.  This lead me to think a little about the word.  It is the most confusing and versatile word I can think of.  Mess up, clean up, tidy up, sweep up, mop up, wipe up. I just looked it UP in the dictionary, long long definition that seems to encompass every form of speech.  Pretty interesting, I think.
*Yes, I call Miles Bugsy, at least 50% of the time I address him.  Started when I called him Baby Bug, now its Bugsy.  I call Tim Bee, so I suppose I’ve probably got a Butterfly in my belly right now.  Insect family.