Miles’ kindy has a bus service.  This was part of the reason I chose this particular school, thinking it might be nice to avoid two trips in the car with a toddler and a newborn each day.  They are short trips, but I can’t imagine anything with two kids being “quick”.  Anyway, I’ve been preparing Miles, we watch Uncle (daycare owner/driver) take the kiddos out of the “bus” (really just a big Nissan van with 4 rows of car seats).  We talk about mini-buses.  We play bus at home: the Count (who Uncle actually kind of resembles…not in a scary way) loads up with Elmo, Ernie, Bert & MeiMei and takes them to “din-dy”.  Totally Miles imagination on that one.  They told me kids typically can start riding from 2 years old.  A one month old, Miles on a bus.  I was getting ready.

Then this week, I started picking him up later, at normal time, right after Uncle had loaded the Nissan and pulled away.  Each day, Miles was in tears.  He loves Uncle, and Uncle had left on the bus.  They asked if I might pick up Miles a bit before 12 to avoid the scene.  I asked if he might just hop on the bus with Uncle.  They said yes!  Yesterday, he rode home and today he rode to and from kindy on the bus.  He did great, no crying!  Today he was dead asleep when I lifted him from the van, and he went straight into the bed.  Kind of nice when lately we’ve been dealing with some naptime resistance.  I am so glad with how Miles has adjusted to the mornings at school.  Makes one less thing on my “to do before two” list.