We used to have a nice Saturday morning routine in Austin: up early (earlier than weekdays), run around Town Lake, Barton Springs free dip before 9am, downtown Farmers’ Market, weekly coffee, Tacos, Natural Grocer, home.  By then it was 10:30 or 11am and we had the whole weekend ahead of us.  Great start to the week.

We take it a bit slower here in Penang, but still get up before the sun.  Tim typically goes for a run, sometimes Miles tags along as his water boy.  “Tags along” meaning Tim pushes him in the stroller!  I’ll get a few more minutes to relax then start preparing breakfast.  By 8:30am we’re down by the pool, enjoying the quiet morning. Tim has his coffee, Miles his fruit (in between playing with his bucket).  It’s a slow start to what will inevitably be a slow weekend, but that’s the way we roll here on the Island. 🙂