Very much a little boy at this point, so so much fun to play with and interact, Miles is a joy in our lives.

  • Serenader. Miles LOVES to sing.  You saw his rendition of “Happy Birthday”, he also does a great “Wheels on the Bus” (Bus. Round-round-round. All…Day….Loooonnnnggg.) and “Old McDonald” (E-I-OOOOhhhh).  We do a music class once a week on Monday afternoons, and he delights in picking up (and putting away) the instruments, dancing around and being the class “monitor”, helping others put things away or passing out toys.  His sign for music remains intact: clicking his tongue while attempting to snap his fingers.  He’ll point down the road where the class is held if we happen to drive by, and Mondays are worth looking forward to.  She taught us the “tidy up, tidy up” song, so now Miles even serenades me while I do the dishes.
  • ICE! A slightly disturbing development. Tim was taking care of his toe after he smashed it on the couch, putting frozen peas on it.  Miles wanted the same attention, and so he proceeded to smash his hand on the ground, do a fake cry, tell him “owwww” and ask for ice.  Two minutes later, the injury had miraculously moved to the other hand.  He continues to pull this owie move, and ask for “daddy ice” (frozen peas), especially when someone else gets an owie.  I’ve seen him invoke similar logic when he wants to put something in the washing machine (like his stuffed elephant) and I tell him its not dirty; he’ll rub it all over the floor and walls and say “dirty, wash.”
  • Hiding.  Another new move this month: climbing into the kitchen cabinet and completely shutting the cupboard door.  This is a little disturbing.   At this point he is popping out after a few seconds, but I can imagine these turning into his secret spots.
  • Un- Child Proofed.  I knew it would happen one day, Miles learned to use the drawer pulls of the stacked drawers as a ladder.  Nothing is safe.  He can open the child-proof locks, and loves to take out the rice cooker and ask for rice.  He knows to steer clear of the knives, stovetop and oven, though.  And for that I am thankful.
  • Tropical Kid.  I don’t think Miles has ever felt cold.  He thinks squirrels are monkeys and pumpkins are coconuts. If I put him in sleeves, pants or socks, he tries to pull them off. M in his alphabet book stands for monkey and mittens, and he thinks the mittens are finger puppet books (he has one of those, the only thing we put on our hand besides oven mitts).  If we ever move to a seasonal climate he is going to be in for a shock!
  • Food.  After the marathon eating stage a few months back, Miles seems to have settled down slightly, and the variety of food he will eat has expanded tremendously.  He likes cooked greens, like spinach and kailan (kind of like leafy broccoli) which is a shock to me.  Favorites remain: fish, grapes, raisins, honey, bread, rice, noodles, eggs, cheese, pears, etc, etc.  He has a pretty impressive tropical fruit vocabulary which includes coconut and passionfruit.  Also, his 100% Bolhouse side has emerged with his love of olives.  He calls toothpicks “olive sticks”, Dad’s rock glass is “olives!” and I can motivate him to do almost anything with the promise of an olive.
  • AND…No major update on potty training, still getting 95% of #2 in the potty…Lots and lots and lots of naked time, it is hot after all…Kindy is going great, no crying at all for drop off and coming home like a champ on the “bus”…seen lots of newborns the past month, and the interactions are going well, here’s hoping…slight backfire from me attempting breastfeeding education – Miles tried to nurse me, Tim, even his own “boobies” in the days following, this should be fun in a month…Miles has all our books memorized – photographic memory!…Frustrating communications ensue when he is fixated on showing/telling me something and I can’t get it, it took me a good 15 minutes to figure out what he wanted when he repeated “det-ko” 1000 times pointing toward the cupboards (there was a gecko on the ceiling)…
  • Enjoying this last month of our little family of three.  And being able to write in this blog.  Free time!