Thirty-Three Weeks (11/8/2011):  Just got back from our last little “babymoon” trip with 5 days left to spare on the ticking travel clock.  I know I said I would be too tired to go anywhere.  I was, but it was worth it anyway.  Feeling pretty good these days, although definitely pregnant.  I walk pregnant.  I sit down pregnant.  My belly leads most activities that I do.  I am not comfortable carrying Miles or a heavy backpack.  I am hungry all the time.  Guess this is what it’s all about.  Also, I have to tell people that I am having this baby NEXT MONTH!  Holy cow, doesn’t feel real.

Thirty-Four Weeks (11/14/2011): The last two days have been filled with contractions, the non-painful “practice” ones called Braxon-Hicks.  I didn’t notice these when I was pregnant with Miles until about the 36th week, when the midwife asked me if I had had any contractions.  I replied no, she felt my belly and informed me I was in the middle of one right then!  Well, they’ve started.  Also, the baby’s elbows and knees seem to have grown sharper, or else (s)he is just stronger and able to push a bit harder – I’ve been having pointy protrusions lately.  One yesterday made me thing the baby was planning to escape through my belly button!  I have days of giddy energy and those of extreme exhaustion.  Took Miles to visit a friend with a newborn today and he was so sweet with him, patting his head and belly gently and looking for milk for him (I don’t think he believed it was coming out of my friend’s boob).  I can only hope for that kind of behavior in 6 weeks!

Later in the week (11/18/2011): I am the “last” one.  The second to last one in our group gave birth yesterday, so that leaves me.  She invited me to visit at the hospital today, to go see her and her gorgeous daughter.  I about had a panic attack in the ward.  I didn’t realize how much anxiety I have about the hospital, but its apparently enough to cause a very physical reaction from me.  Fortunately, she calmed me with her amazing story of a beautiful water birth, good news about our doctor, the midwives, nurses, and facilities.  Tim and I are planning a tour next week, and I think a few more visits to the ward will help with my fears.  Augh!

Thirty-Five Weeks (11/25/2011):  Another trip to the doctor today and things are looking good!  We saw the baby’s face clearly on the u/s and (s)he is getting chubby.  All my weight gain this month went straight to baby (1.5 kgs) making baby just under 6 pounds now!  We did another visit to the ward, one without a panic attack (I think it was the elevator).  I saw the pool I’m to use if I have another water birth, and we went through our birth plan with the doctor.  I love this guy, and am so happy he is delivering our baby.  Hope everything goes well on Labor Day!

36 weeks

I am really looking big.  I guess that’s because I am going to have a baby in about a month (yikes!).  I was laughing at my profile as I looked at myself in the ballet mirrors at yoga last week.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  I’m only getting bigger too!  I’ve been ravenous for the last week or so (good timing – thanksgiving!), and trying to do my best to fulfill the (healthy) cravings, including a burger at TGI Fridays.  I have a lot to be thankful for this pregnancy – lately I’ve been feeling fine and relatively energetic.  So far, I have avoided any swelling and elevated blood pressure like I had in my first pregnancy.  It’s hot every day, but that means I can wear practically nothing around the house and be comfortable, and I can go to the pool every day for weight relief and cooling down.  Very thankful. 🙂

The Brits say I'm "tidy" and "neat". I'd hate to see sloppy!