Sorry, folks.  Way overdue on this one.  But I better get it written before there are much more exciting (and hopefully not also of the overdue variety) things to write about.

We took a very short trip to Langkawi Island at the beginning of November.  The total flight time to this duty free Malaysian paradise near the Thai border is about 20 minutes, making it door to door around 2.5 hours to get there.  Not bad.  We just had an over night stay planned, and spent the majority of it just relaxing.  We dug in the sand and splashed in the water.  We had good food and took long naps and went to bed early.  A short visit to the souvenir shop, duty free shop and aquarium rounded out our 36 hour trip nicely, and we made it back to Penang as quickly as we had gotten away.

We landed in Penang with just 4 days left on the ticking travel clock (I had to sign multiple waivers to be allowed to fly with this airline), and no plans to go anywhere until March.  I had the wonderful feeling of being glad to have gotten away, and glad to be grounded.