I never tried passionfruit until I moved to Australia when I was 20.  I liked it then, but didn’t develop true love for it until we moved here.  I buy a bag of them every week and eat one almost every day.  The layers to our breakfast go like this (from the bottom): assorted chopped tropical fruit, plain full fat yogurt, passionfruit, granola.  Miles has his deconstructed: fruit in one bowl, yogurt & now passionfruit in another.  He’s also on the passionfruit train, so now we typically go through 2 a day, although sometimes Tim just misses out.

Not last week.  I went to my standard fruit vendor and was disappointed in the small pile of withered fruit; they were almost collapsing in on themselves.  Somehow, he convinced me to buy the entire pile at a 50% discount (I have a real problem turning down a bargain).  Well, I got these 25 or so fruits home and found the best specimens we have had to date!  Juicy, sweet, fruity with that telltale tang I have come to savour.  I froze some into an ice cube tray, saved some for the week, and Miles and I ate some with a spoon.  Lesson: Do judge a passionfruit by its looks – the uglier and wrinklier it is, the more it has to offer.