Thirty-Six Weeks (11/28/2011): Final Month!  I have been soliciting advice from parents of two in under two years to get ideas for anything I need to do with Miles, basically prepare him for not having my undivided attention.  I think he knows something’s up.  This past week, he’s been very much a momma’s boy, momma take him to the potty, momma pick him up, momma play stacking blocks.  I try and remove myself, but end up just giving in, indulging him (and me) in lots of mom and Miles time lately, relishing in being able to give him this kind of attention.  I know it won’t last, obviously – this thing is getting unwieldy, and I might regret it, but right now I am just loving it.

Thirty-Seven Weeks (12/4/2011): Three weeks to go. WHAT!!?!  Dropping Miles off this morning, I kind of had the feeling like I want to back out of the whole thing.  I know that’s not possible, and it’s not what I want either.  I’m sure things will change as soon as I have that new little tiny in my arms.  We’re pretty much ready to go – bag is packed, we have clothes and (some) diapers.  I am making a babysitting list for Miles, who I can call if its 2am and we need to GO.  Checked out the carseat installation and Tim is looking into the birth certificate/passport situation.  We have a very short list of names (2 boy, 2 girl) to work from.  Ready, but not in the head yet.  Not physically either.  I am feeling pretty OK.  Just tired, but in general, good.  Working on my diversions, which today includes tracking down extra vacuum bags and wrapping some Christmas presents.  Tomorrow I’ll work on getting us a “tree”.  These are things I will not want to think about in 3 weeks.  Just like right now I don’t want to think about the other, much scarier than vacuum bags thing coming in the same amount of time!

Later That Week: Went back to the doc today, learned that I gained a kilo and baby gained a kilo (2+ lbs in 2 weeks?  Not sure how confident I am in their measuring…).  Still one to one weight gain.  Everything looking good, he said the baby is engaged now (wasn’t last visit), but no dilation or effacement yet.  So it will be at least a week.  Works for me, I’m in no hurry.  Although there is still a part of me that worries about delivering on Christmas.  But what can you do?  We don’t have any solid plans right now for the day, so no problem if we need to spend it in the hospital.

Did I mention I am HUGE?