This is the month Miles becomes a big brother!  Hope he’s looking forward to it.

  • Helper.  Miles started helping out around the house.  Little things, like setting the table (who taught him where to put the forks and knives?) and actually useful things like picking up after himself.  Never to early to start, and it is really cute.
  • Shoes.  He can put on his own shoes.  This was major, as it’s not the most comfortable thing for me to bend down and put them on for him any more.  The funny thing is, he tries to slide into them from standing, perched on one leg, usually with one hand on the wall.  I suppose this is because he has watched me put on flip flops, and only flip flops for the last 6 months.  Oh, if that boy ever has to wear socks I don’t know what we’ll do.
  • Getting it.  Miles is starting to call us out on some things.  What do you mean I can’t get up?  Mom’s done with her food.  You said 8 hours ago I could have a mini gumdrop if I ate dinner – I remember. Do you?  I need to wear shoes?  Dad’s not wearing shoes.
  • Quickly, quickly.  Miles has a habit of running in circles (literally) when he is excited.  It makes me tired just looking at him.  He did it once in the middle of a mommy-and-me yoga class, and the teacher gave me the most pitying look.  I looked back, “This is why I am tired.”
  • Talk, talk, talking.  And singing.  The things that come out of this boy’s mouth!  We need to watch it.  My favorite are the 4-syllable words, which seem like monumental accomplishments: torta-tilla. ado-tado (avocado). tocto-dido (crocodile). peanut butter (amazingly clear).  The songs? Best one this month was “Ninja Balls” (jingle bells).
  • And sleep.  Thank you, my son.  Long, long naps this month (although not easy to put down for a nap), and easy to bed, waking up happy and playing in the crib until well past 6 (11 hours)!  You know momma needed this.  It may be my last chance to sleep for a long, long time.
  • Plus!  I love the innocence: the way he loves balloons, and gets really excited about Christmas lights and bubbles…no progress at all on potty training, I think we’ll be in stage 1 (which means poops in the pot) for the next couple years…calls for momma a lot, but is comfortable if he knows where I’ve gone, I can leave him for a while (did kindy help this?)…