Thirty-Eight Weeks (12/15/2011):  Ten days until my due date!  That is a true countdown.  Things have been going well.  Monday night I had four twingy painful contractions in a row.  It was 7:30pm.  Tim asked if I was in labor, and I couldn’t definitely say no.  What was actually going through my head was: oh man, this is going to hurt!  I forgot about that!  I decided that I was far too tired to go through labor and delivery and I best just go to bed and sleep until something really happens.  I woke up 10 hours later feeling refreshed and things have been fine since then.  Lots and lots and lots of B-H contractions, at least one or two an hour, mostly if I stand after sitting/laying for a while.  I am pretty sure the baby’s butt has been up against my sternum for the last few days, meaning a good position for delivery.  Less pressure on my ribs too, so I suspect there’s been a drop (plus everyone says it looks dropped).  This is my favorite outfit at the moment, substitute any of my sundresses here:

38 Weeks - Bulls Eye!

We’re also going through the motions of second guessing our boy names (I am pretty convinced its a boy), so it’s almost back to the drawing board for those. Frustrating!  Miles has one more day of daycare, then 2 weeks off.  Hmmm, 2 weeks is also the length of Tim’s paternity leave… convenient!  And Christmas coming soon… lots of things to look forward to. 🙂

Thirty-Nine Weeks (12/19/2011): I have approximately 3 things that still fit.  Guess I am paying for refusing to buy any real maternity clothes, they are all just sized up regular stuff from Target and Old Navy and not meant for 39 weeks along.  Oh well.  Still doing good, went in for a scan on Friday and while the placenta is showing maturity (in the form of calcification), there is plenty of water and no rush.  The baby looks good, although pretty scrunched.  The head measured at 93mm, which means I am going to have to go all the way to 10cm to get it out.  I’ve been sleeping well, too well some afternoons, and Miles is learning to chill in his crib, awake.  Good timing!  I was feeling a bit guilty about all my free time while he was in daycare, but it ended quite abruptly – the kindy’s on break for 2 weeks and I am home all day with a 2 yr old!  Very exhausting.  I don’t feel like anything will happen soon, not physically or emotionally.  One thing’s for sure, baby won’t be inside forever.  Excited to meet this little one!

4 days to go (12/21/2011): I was thinking of the prenatal care here, and it has differed considerably from both my first experience in Austin with a birthing center and also from my expectations in a hospital.  Maybe it’s just the doctor (who I LOVE, have I mentioned? 100 times), but in general, I find it relaxed and not over-done.  Sure, the constant ultrasounding seems wasteful, but it’s a tool they have and are used to.  Here’s a comparison:

  • Austin birthing center visit: weight, urine test, Q&A, pulse, BP, measure belly size with tape measure, find baby HB with the doppler
  • Penang hospital visit: weight, urine test, Q&A, Ultrasound (where he checks the size/heartbeat/fluid/etc)
  • Austin specialty tests: Full panel CBC and swab test on entry, glucose uptake test for gestational diabetes, Group B strep
  • Penang specialty tests: Full panel CBC on entry

I was surprised when the doctor didn’t administer any additional tests.  Group B Strep is not common in Asia, so not a concern unless you show signs of infection, and he said that they check the urine for protein and sugars each time and normal results rule out diabetes or preeclampsia (which I guess is why he’s not taking my BP each time?).  One other thing I learned is they do not routinely slab the newborn’s eyes with antibiotic cream to avoid blindness from assumed gonorrhea.  It’s been a different experience overall, and I bet I will have a very different birth story to report as well sometime in the next 2.5 weeks.

Due Date (Christmas 2011): Well, no Christmas present for this year it seems like.  New Year’s call for champagne maybe?  While I have been mentally ready to have the baby for a couple days (it took a really long time to get there), I physically don’t feel overwhelmed at all by this pregnancy. Although I am heavier than I was at at this point with Miles (he was already out, and I weighed in 5 lbs less than I do right now – baby still inside!) and I look pretty massive, I still feel good.  I have to record an unfortunate stretch mark (my first from either pregnancy) – right across my belly button.  Looks like I am ready to crack open like an egg.  Nice.  Not something to complain about, and I do feel vain worrying about it.

Merry Christmas! 40 weeks full term, And some sun from the pool...

Tim starts his official paternity leave on Tuesday.  If no baby by then, I might be sending him off to work, except that Miles will still be on vacation from kindy.  A friend whose second was 10 days late recommended getting fun stuff on the calendar for each day you are late.  I’ll need to work on this list.  On tap for tomorrow: Maybe gelato?