+1 Day (12/26/2011): What do you call this? Is it still the 3rd trimester? Or are we now into the 4th? In any case, still hanging in there. Spent the morning at the beach, and a relaxing afternoon in bed. Miles was trying our patience. What were we thinking again getting another one of these?

+2 Days (12/27/2011): Well, after Miles went to bed last night, I started with a few contractions that had a bit of feeling with them. Maybe every 10-15 minutes. Went to bed at 10pm and woke up almost every hour with a contraction & need to turn over or go to the bathroom. Slept in a bit this morning and ticked off lots on the to-do list, still having contractions, but ignoring them for the most part: walk to the market for weekly fruit/veg/eggs/fish, make food for the week, post office, Little India nuts, car wash & detail, grocery store. At some point in there, around noon, the contractions became regular, more often and more painful. After putting Miles down for a nap at 2, I started timing. They were consistently 5 minutes apart. It’s 7pm and I am still in the same boat: consistently painful-but-tolerable (I can still talk) contractions every 5 minutes. Remembering back, when I was in labor with Miles this stage lasted from 10pm-6pm the next day: 20 hours!!!

We have Suzi coming to spend the night tonight just in case things pick up and we need to head off in the middle of the night. But my fears of a super fast and unexpected delivery seem unfounded. A. I’m overdue, and ready. B. I’ve been having contractions for days. Weeks. C. Not sure when I can consider this labor “started”, but let’s just say it started at 2…I’m already past the point where I was afraid I was going to have the baby out. Now I’m worried it might just peter out, or continue on like this for a couple days. I don’t think we’ll make it to New Year’s in any case. Can’t wait to meet this little one!

By the way, I am communicating with my doctor through text message. I love that. His last one – classic Malaysia “Noted. Tks.”

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