Hazel is one week old, and I don’t think we plan to go to the hospital today. She spent her first two days in there, admitted with me. We broke out early, but ended up back there every day since, checking the bilirubin levels on our saffron-hued baby. We’ll be back in tomorrow for the scheduled momma/baby check, and then hope to stay away for a while. The jaundice turned out to be borderline and did not require additional treatment with light therapy. She did have us scared on day 5 with a high fever, but luckily that was in and out in no time. After the relative health of Miles over the last 2 years, this has been a rough thing to deal with.

Otherwise, she is doing great. Nursing, sleeping and pooping. Bonding with her brother, who ecstatically repeats “Baby ‘Azel, Baby ‘Azel” and gets in her face every waking moment (he’s awake; she also, soon after the pouncing begins). We’re settling into life with a family of four, and today I single-handedly got Miles ready for kindy, took my own shower (mom treat!) and got him on the bus while Tim was out and Hazel was in. I felt like super mom.

It hasn’t all been super mom feelings. I think Tim put it right when he explained that I am giving a lot of myself right now, and that is why I feel a bit on edge, anxious for things to be OK. There were a few tears shed on a day with a sick Hazel and difficult Miles. And for those days, we are thankful for chocolate.

I am so thankful for all the friends and family we have literally around us, and those who send their support from afar. We made it one week into this adventure, I’m excited to see what’s next!