This is our fifth superbowl overseas, our 5th time watching the game in the wee morning hours.  Although we don’t get to see the good commercials (this year advertised the same all-celebrity billiards tournament over and over), it’s always a good time to bond with other Americans and try to explain the American obsession to people of other cultures.  We’ve had a different experience each year, from a full on pork-fest breakfast buffet with free flow beer at a bar in Shanghai to a New Zealanders-hosted party last year where we were the only Americans in attendance and everyone swore to keep the game outcome a surprise until the evening hour of the party.  This year we had a quiet morning at home, ate cinnamon roll french toast as our sin-food equivalent of queso and guacamole, and hit the pool at halftime.  Hazel’s first superbowl was spent swinging away to the din or sports casters.