My Dear Hazel,

There will come a day (when you are about 6) when you will want to look just like your momma.

Then there will come a day (when you are about 14) when you will deny any genetic link to me.

And then there will be a time (when you are about 21 and need professional clothes) you will curse your abnormally long torso and arms that won’t fit dresses or jackets and thin feet that aren’t quite narrow and limit your shoe selection, and know it will all come from me.

And then, hopefully, there will be a day (when you are 28 and recovering from the birth of your first baby) that you will be proud of your good-looking 58-year-old momma and proud you passed on my genes.  Even the double-shot deep belly button.


Momma with the belly button abyss.  You have it too!

P.S. I read an article online about how we should be proud of our postpartum bodies.  So, here I go posting mine online, stretch marks and all, belly to belly with my baby girl.