Things have started to calm down, and I think we are getting used to being a family of 4.  Here’s a shot of our big baby girl:

And what’s up with her:

  • Smiles!  Finally!  What that open mouthed grin does to the face.  I love it.  Hazel doled out a few smiles very sparingly for a few weeks before going at it full time right at 8 weeks.  She really focuses on our faces now, and will follow us around with her wide open eyes.  Social Interaction at it’s very first.  It’s great. (Most often we get the worried look from the above picture, no smiles caught yet on camera!)
  • Big girl.  Hazel has gone the way of her big brother and is a rotund little thing.  Still waiting on a doctor visit to confirm weight, but I have done so at the scale in the gym and I think she is weighing in around 12+ lbs!  She looks a lot bigger than 2 months, and is wearing 3-6 month sizes.
  • No colic.  No extreme evening fussiness.  She even doesn’t hate being awake any more and can spend an hour or so looking around, smiling, hanging out on her back or tummy and “playing” with her brother (that means he manipulates her hands/feet to clap or hold toys, oh well).  So, so glad for this lack of crying!  She only really cries when she is very tired or very hungry, a different kind of cry that I can distinguish.
  • Except for in the car… She still cries in the car.  Although I should say its less of a “cry” and more of a complete panic.  Trying things to fix this, but I think we’ll just have to work through it.  Not easy.  I am 10000x grateful for the bus that delivers Miles to and from kindy, I have been limiting outings with Hazel because the car thing is too hard to deal with.
  • Sleep.  Maybe due to the lack of colic, maybe due to us being 2nd time parents, but I think we got a handle on the sleep much faster this time.  Not that I am claiming to have it totally under control yet.  She is at a point where she goes to bed between 7-8pm and does a 5-6 hour stretch.  After that, it’s pretty much every 2-3 hours until 7-8am.  Naps remain inconsistent.  For weeks (7 to be exact) I had them sleeping nice long stretches in the afternoon-at the same time.  That has gone by the wayside, but I appreciate alone time with each kid when I can get it.
  • Tropical Baby. I realized Hazel has only worn hats as sun protection, never for warmth…she’s never once worn socks, and long sleeves only in the airplane…she has rashes in all her folds (see fat baby comment above, there are lots of folds) so gets a coconut oil dip once a day (which is liquid at “room” temperature here)…It’s all about the clip on fan, and the ring sling…And she’ll be swimming just as soon as she’s ready, pool debut next month?