March 2012

Miles’ stock answer to the question “how many?”, when the number is more than one.


OK, it was technically her second (the first being her birth).  She LOVED it!  And this time, not crying was a good thing 🙂

The first time around, I thought I could not live without:

  • My Moby Wrap
  • A U-shaped Nursing Pillow
  • The Sleep Sheep (white noise machine)
  • My Clothes Line

Well, guess what?  I can live without those things!  I can have a baby without those things!

This time around, I found I could not live without:

  • The Woombie
  • My Breastpump (= Freedom: Dates with my Husband, Alone Time for Momma)
  • A 55cm Bouncy Exercise Ball (sure-fire calming)
  • An Extremely Supportive Husband and Daddy to my Babies
  • My Fellow Penang Mommas & Support Group


Think these two are related?  They have the same ears!

One happy momma.

Here’s how my baby girl woke up early this morning.  OK, it was 6:45, and she went back down until 9.  Love these smiles!

A little late on this one, but what can I say?  There’s double the work around here and way less than half the time.  Here are a few shots from Miles’ 2nd birthday party:

Hazel was having diaper free time by the pool when our pediatrician (who lives at our complex) came down for her evening swim.  She peeked in on Hazel and immediately said “wow” and puffed out her cheeks and extended her arms to the sides as though to avoid massive girth.  She then told me we could be the poster mother & child for exclusive breastfeeding (many mothers here opt for formula as they believe it helps the baby gain weight).  We went in to the official scale today and confirmed what we all know. Hazel is a hefty girl, stout and hefty:

  • Weight: 13lb 10oz (6.2kg, 95th %ile)
  • Height: 22″ (56cm, 15th %ile)
  • Head Circ: 15.5″ (39.5cm, 25th %ile)

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