Our baby girl is growing up! Seriously, slow this down…it’s going scary fast.


Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Sick. Hazel spent much of the month under the weather. She had such bad congestion that we were up each night at 4 spraying her up with saline then sucking out snot. She (and Miles, and I) got impetigo, then then next week for 2 days she developed hives every time I fed her (likely culprit is some nuclear colored cauliflower I had at an Indian meal). After flying home, we dealt with fever, ear infection, thrush, bronchitis bordering on pneumonia, and more snot than I care to think about. Ay yo. The doc suspects allergies for the snot problem and I have gone off all dairy to try to help remedy it. We’ll see.
  • Water baby! On our last day in Penang before our trip, Hazel got suited up in a long sleeved rash guard suit and went for her first swim! She loved it.
  • Country #3! This one didn’t result in a passport stamp, but Hazel finally visited the country of her citizenship! We headed back to the US in the middle of the month for a 4 week stay.
  • Hat. The aforementioned trip also gave her a chance to wear a hat to keep the heat in, not just the sun out. Same for socks. It might be a while until we need those again.
  • Sleep. Well, all I can say is she sleeps like a 3 mo old. But much better than a 3 month old Miles. She is typically done for the day around 6:30pm, then will sleep a good chunk until 1 or 2. This is nice as it has allowed Tim and I to get out a few nights. Then she is up once or twice more before being up at 6:30 or 7 for the day. One of those is not a need to eat but to be suctioned out.
  • Eat. She is still eating well, and most people comment initially on her girth. During the day she nurses every 2-2.5 hours, typically right after waking up as she doesn’t need nursing to get to sleep (we have other tricks). She still spits up buckets, and I am getting marginally better at keeping a rag at hand to catch it.
  • Tricks. Speaking of tricks, when we went home, I left all my tricks for getting her to sleep in Penang: the exercise ball, the swing, her bed…all I took was the swaddle. Hopefully she is starting to make an association: swaddle for naps, Woombie for night. I also tried to start getting to her fall keep while nursing. Seems like a bad path to head down, but there was jet lag and illness and I was desperate!
  • All Smiles. It took a while, but this little thing is all smiles. Especially in the morning or right after waking up. She has the cutest little side grin that I cannot get enough of!
  • Joy. Hazel is a joy in all our lives and I am just trying to hold onto this little baby as long as I can, while at the same time looking forward to the little lady she will grow up to be. Love.