Unless we were fortunate enough to meet up in the states, you may have noticed we’ve been a bit MIA the last month. But since we saw basically every blood relative in those 30 days and lots of Austin friends, I think that accounts for 80% of this blog’s readership…you were hopefully enjoying us in the flesh instead of in pixels! We spent March 15-April 15 in Austin this year, and it can only be described as an epic trip. Here’s what we got up to:

  1. SxSW. South by was in full swing when we it the ground. I made it to one show and saw 2 songs. It was at 9am, but I still think this is impressive with 2 kids & jet lag, and it was someone I actually wanted to see!
  2. Purging our worldly belongings. I became the Craigslist queen. I held a garage sale on a Friday after work and attracted shoppers with a keg. The truck made more than one trip to Goodwill. I love getting rid of stuff. In the end everything we have in the states fit in a 10’x10′ storage unit.
  3. Selling our house. To do this, we had to clean it out (see above), fix it up, have it cleaned, get it listed, show it, get an offer, accept a contract, go through inspections and negotiations, make concessions, and await closing. We made it through all these steps in 3 weeks. Luckily, we were able to list the day we left for the wedding and I only had to keep the house show able for one day with both kids in it before we got the offer. Whew! Closing next week…
  4. Week with the grandparents and Uncle G. Much of the work getting the house ready to go could not have happened without the help of Tim’s parents and brother. They rolled into town just in time to help out with Miles, Hazel and meals while I focused on house stuff in our free week. Miles had a blast spending afternoons out on walks, at the coffee shop and a the park. Lifesavers.
  5. Stelzer family reunion. Basically every living blood relative on Tim’s side made the journey to Austin for a family reunion. They came from DC, NYC, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon and we from Malaysia! Most impressive was 90 year old Nanny’s arrival! We had huge family dinners, played at the hotel and the park, and genuinely had a great time. it was so special for everyone to get to meet Hazel and for Miles to get to know all his uncles, aunties, and cousins. We even managed to capture everyone in one photo!
  6. Bolhouse-Wileman wedding. And then not 24 hours after the Stelzers rolled out of town, the Bolhouse clan showed up. I had hosted a bridesmaids morning for Angel the week before (with custom color analysis for each of us!), and then we had the Rachwal side & grandma and grandpa Bolhouse up for a backyard picnic. We went down to New Braunfels for the wedding weekend and had a blast at the gorgeous ceremony (I did all the hair & gave a speech) and super fun reception where Miles stayed up dancing until 11pm! We visited the newlyweds at their house the next day for some sleep-deprived-hangover leftover cake & breakfast. Great weekend and I am so happy for the new Wlemans!
  7. Chicago SWE meet-up & Riddhi’s wedding. I had planned this girls only weekend (just Hazel and I made the trip) way back in January, but it almost didn’t happen. By Easter weekend I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed and several times wanted to back down. However, we got on the plane and had a great time seeing all my college girlfriends, celebrating Riddhi’s wedding, Denise’s birthday and the pending arrival of baby Hart! And we did it all in Saris and me with a bindi.
  8. Sick kids, jet lag & Hazel is no longer a newborn. Traveling halfway around the world and this level of activity does not come without some downtime. Both kids got knocked down hard in the first week: fever, bronchitis, ear infection, thrush…not fun! Hazel also started to come into her own, giving big smiles for anyone that would engage with her. Lots of fun.
  9. Dinners, walks, play dates, farmers markets & friends. And in between all this we found time to connect with so many Austin friends. Miles caught up with Natalie, Soren, Jack, Kate, Owen, Finn, Julia, Euan, Milo, Ellen, Andrew, Sophia, Abby and Macy while Hazel met some future buddies in Logan and Sabrina all while I caught up with their Mommas. The bluebonnets were out in full force and we did get some time to enjoy Austin at it’s springtime prime.
  10. Travel time. We survived the 24 hours out and 28 hours back, and are getting back on our feet finally. Looking forward to quiet, boring weekends, exercise and most of all routine!

Pictures of everything to come.