I know it seemed Miles has been getting the short end of the stick on updates since the arrival of is little sister, but I decided to move to quarterly updates after 2. Little did I know how much could change in 3 months!


  • Talk, talk, talk. Miles is talking up a storm recently, making 3-5 word sentences and more often than not asking for what he wants instead of just pointing and grunting/crying. His favorite words are the universal “this one”, which is repeated so often it has become a part of our language as well. The crazy thing is he busts out words for things we had no idea he knew. Little sponge.
  • Gimme FOOD! I am so thankful, Miles is a good eater. Favorites include berries, olives, raisins, chicken/rice (kind of a catch all phrase for “food”), eggs, and now granola. He’s not huge on milk or yogurt, so I try to give him cheese for calcium, but I’m not stressing. He eats most things, including veggies at times!, and this last few months he eats a LOT of it. Maybe he will finally gain a little weight, he’s been holding steady for a while and his little sister is quickly approaching!
  • Memories. It is clear that Miles is forming memories of events. He has replayed moments from our trip to Bali over and over verbally as adults might do in our minds. Pretty cool to see it on the outside.
  • Dr. No & the surly stare. Yeah, he’s 2. He lets us know by a drawn out NOOOOO!!! followed by a lowered brow and a stink eye so ripe it’d send a skunk running. Unfortunately, we find it hilarious so end up cracking up half the time. Usually, Mr. Grumpy is welcomed by the very very long arm of Mr. Tickle and leaves the vicinity quickly.
  • Colors and letters and numbers, oh my! I have YouTube to thank for this one, Miles can sing the ABC’s, identify about 10 letters, count to 20 and identify some numbers and is rock solid on his colors.
  • GPS. Whenever we go anywhere, Miles likes to navigate,pointing out the path “this way, this way”.
  • Yep, he’s a boy. Miles loves all diggers, trucks, planes (helicopter, special airplane), basically anything with a gasoline engine.
  • No diapers. After MONTHS of going very slowly with potty training, one morning Miles announced “kindy, no diapers” and from that point on was in undies with minimal accidents. Our trip back to the states caused a complete regression for a month, but he seems to be back on track after getting back to Penang and his little green potty.
  • Family lovin. Miles calls his family Daddio, Mommio, and Bazel. Since his birthday, he’s gotten to see basically all of his family members, which has been so fun.