This was the month Hazel made the transition from newborn to baby. It’s getting really fun. We all love this little thing so much!

  • Rolling, rolling. We got back from the states, I put Hazel on the floor and she started rolling over. Like her big bro, she loves being on her tummy and flips at every opportunity. Unfortunately, she is then stuck there, not yet having figured out how to get back.
  • Owl baby. No, not a night owl, just sounds like one. Hoo-ooo-ooo. Cooing. Miles says she sounds like a train sometimes. Wooo-oooo! She’s also laughing, which is hilarious, and makes us laugh, which makes her laugh more. Too cute!
  • What’s this? A schedule? Looks like it. She’s gets up in the morning around 7-7:30, naps at 9, noon and 3 (usually for no more than 40 minutes, ugh), goes down for the night at 6:30 and is usually up twice at 1 and 5. It’s not perfect, especially the night waking!, but its something so we’ll go with it. To help myself not get caught up in stressing over her schedule, I told myself I would do really well, put her down at the right time and in her bed, 75% of the time. That leaves once a day for me to push it or let her fall asleep when we’re out. Much better this way.
  • Swaddle no more. Due to the rolling in bed and in general getting older, we stopped swaddling her for sleep. Now I really have no devices for getting her to pass out (still refuses to fall asleep while nursing unless she is overtired), so she is learning to go to sleep on her own. It’s working out.
  • Spirited no more. Hazel spent her first 2 months of life in a ‘spirited-plus’ categorization. However, things have calmed down dramatically and I would put her more as a textbook baby. She is happy most of the time, fine with being out down to play by herself, sleeps easily if we don’t let her get overtired and is reaching milestones about right on track. I’d say good parenting, but really it’s just her nature.
  • Sibs. Now that Hazel, I mean Bazel, is able to intact a bit more, Miles loves to lay on the floor with her, hand her a toy, or tickle her feet. He freaks out a bit to see her ‘eating’ toys as he knows she only drinks milk.
  • Health & Body. After months of illness, she finally had a good run! A little stuffy nose early this month but since then nasal passages have been clear. I am off all milk, cream and cheese and it seems to have made a big difference. Her eczema has cleared up as well. Physically, she is a big baby, with skin so tight and rolls at her ankles that make it look like she is wearing a skin-scuba suit. The toe-fat is impressive, I must post a picture of it. Still bald as can be, and people ask so often if we’ve shaved her (common for Chinese & Indians) that I am about ready to do it so I can say yes! She has Miles’ eyes, but most people agree she looks like me. I love her pouty lips and sly side-smile.