As you know, we only have one car.  Tim takes a shuttle bus to work and I get use of it most days of the week.  However, we really don’t like driving.  And so, we’ve procured many many more wheels for getting this family around.  Here’s our foyer.  These are all ours..well, one is a loaner (Quinny):

Front to back:

And then next to the door, we have the Ergo rack.  Hazel rocks red, while Miles chills in Camel.  Picture Tim and I each with a sleeping baby on the front running through LAX airport about a month ago to our tight Hong Kong connection.  Pushing a Phil & Ted’s stroller loaded down with our carry ons.  This is how we roll; it’s the new jetset.

Two types going on here:

  • The Original – Miles calls this his sleepy train. Choo-choo.
  • Ergo Sport – we got this one for Hazel.  It’s got less fabric than the original, I like it.