Here’s a typical look on our curious little girl’s face.  And a little update of her life right now:

  • On the Move – She’s moving around, rolling from front to back and back to front, sometimes in a steamroller fashion.  She pushes off with her sticky feet and makes a little forward progress.  Basically, she is not safe on any elevated surface and won’t be for the next couple months until she learns to get down.  Sigh.
  • From Hand to Mouth – With everything.  Fun.
  • Eating – Hazel still only drinks milk (as Miles so aften reminds her when something tasty is on offer for the rest of us).  It hasn’t hindered her growth at all, but she is getting ready for solid foods.  She lunges for our plates/spoons/cups with a fascinated urgency.  Soon, my love.
  • Sleeping – No, she is not sleeping through the night.  But she is so much better than Miles was at this point, I can hardly complain.  She’s down by 6:30, up once or twice, and sleeps until at least 6:30 and as late as 8.  Two to three naps a day, and starting to consolidate so that at least one of them is more along the lines of 2 hours instead of 30 minutes.  Seriously, nothing to complain about.  Whew.
  • Fun & Smiles – This is a great time, I had forgotten.  She can sit up and play with toys, but her favorite, favorite diversion is her big brother Miles.  She loves that boy.  And he loves her too.  Still a bit of tough love, but she’s getting bigger and can handle most of it now.  She has lots of smiles for us, and they light up her little face.
  • So much better!  In the car, what an improvement!  And she went an entire month without being sick at all.  What a difference that makes.