Tim was away for work, and is finally back.  Whew.

I was sick.  It was not fun.  Chikungunya, a form of Dengue Fever, came on strong one afternoon and I had to call Tim home from work.  Migraine, sensitivity to light, body aches, fever, nausea and a crazy rash ensued.  It was so bad that I took a pregnancy test (or my early pregnancies are so bad that I can mistake them for Dengue Fever); not pregnant.  After a week of being sick, symptoms subsided leaving me stiff and extremely fatigued.  Finally I went to the doctor and got a big Vitamin B booster in my bottom, plus some B complex to take home.  Today, I finally feel better.  I’m back.

And it’s Friday!  I decided it was time to resurrect the celebratory nature of the last day of the week by taking Miles back to the beach.  We used to go most Fridays, but it had been 5 months (count back, where were we 5 months ago?).  We went hunting for shells and patting dogs on the pristinely clean beach.

Then toasted TGIF to mango lassi’s and masala dosai breakfast.

Pretty glad to be back.  Happy Friday.