How’s this for baby-led weaning*?  Hazel has been showing great interest in food recently, and while I was clearing Miles’ breakfast dishes the other morning (while holding her), she took it upon herself to grab his half-eaten banana and stuff it into her mouth like a cigar.  A chunk broke off and she shuddered as it mashed in her mouth and went down the pipe.  The next day I offered her a piece, and she knew just what to do:

I like the idea of baby feeding themselves, especially at home when she can get as messy as she wants and it can be a form of entertainment.  So far, she’s had banana (obviously), and some coconut water and flesh (which she loved).  May the fun begin.

*The word “weaning” has very different implications depending on which English-speaking country you’re coming from.  To us Americans, it means the cessation of breast feeding.  To the English, and in this case, it means the introduction of solid foods.  Which I suppose implies the slowing of breastfeeding, at some point.  We are not slowing down in the milk department, this is just a tastes & textures experiment which I believe has little to no nutritional value.