This week, my dear friend Winnie (who’s from Hong Kong, then Austin, but we met in Shanghai, then we were back in the states together for a short time and now she and her family are a short flight away in Singapore) and her daughter Taylor came to visit.  It was a great time, and I enjoyed having a girlfriend around to talk (and shop) with, and three kids under 4 is a fun handful.

We took some time out and visited the butterfly farm…

Then the beach…

We ate.  And ate.  And ate.  (They came to Penang, what did they expect?).  Here’s Miles & Tay at a seaside hawker:

Oh, and we shopped.  Seems Winnie is my preferred shopping buddy.  She’s the only person I seem to actually buy stuff with.  We keep meeting up in these shopping meccas (Hong Kong, Singapore, I’m not including Penang), so I guess we had it coming.  Anyway, we closed down the mall both nights they were here.  Tay also loves shopping (it’s in the blood).  She is particularly fond of shoes.

In all, we just had a great time hanging out and cruising together.  Looking forward to meeting up again soon!