Now for our local version of “If you give a mouse a cookie”, which also details my insanity of what I did this afternoon with two children after naptime before daddio came home:

If you give a foodie mom a kilo of fresh figs (or make them available from the local fruit farm – who knew figs could come from the tropics!??!),

She’s going to want some port and fresh thyme to reduce them into a savory jam. (which will require a trip to the Wine Shop for some highly taxed booze)

If she has some savory jam,

She’s going to want some nice bread to first toast, then spread it on (trip to the bakery).

If she has some crostinis,

She’s going to want some chevre to crumble on as well (fruitless search at 3 grocers…settled for Apetina),

And some prosciutto de parma to drape on top (score! Non-Halal deli came through).

Lately my trouble has been being a bit too ambitious with my time.  There was some equal insanity when I tried to put together a salad before getting Miles to the bus this morning.  Maybe I should be mixing up some mac’cheese (someone in the family would not complain about that at all), and spending my afternoon on the floor with the kids stacking blocks.  But we had fun at the stores too.  Hazel is a rock star when we go out, with her perfectly round head (I’m told, don’t worry, her hair will grow, just put <enter cultural salve> on it every day) and her big baby blues.  Miles is the man with the bag, he collects purchases and directs me to the next store.  That boy knows every possible location of imported goods on the island.  We had pit stops for edamame beans and warm oatmeal raisin cookies (at one of the failed attempts for chevre).

The evening ended with a big, fresh salad and ripe fig jam crostinis with cheese and prosciutto de parma.  Not a bad result.  And we will play blocks in the morning, unless we are mixing up a banana bread.