Blink.  Half a year old.   That was quick.  Things are going really well.  We are entering my favorite baby time, the development and general happiness of a 6-12 mo old is magical.

Here’s what’s up with our tiniest thing:

  • Food!  Hazel had a self-initiated introduction to solid foods, and she is off to the races.  It’s going down (I know, because it’s coming out).  So far, she’s had mostly tropical fruits: coconut, banana, mango (fave), avocado, carrot & watermelon.  She is still nursing 6-8 times a day (& night).  There was a food shortage there for a few weeks during the draught called Dengue Fever, but we are back on track.
  • Sleep.  I have nothing to complain about with this little lady’s sleeping habits (especially if I compare them to her brother).  She goes down for the night around 5:45-6pm, up once at 3, up for the day at 6:30 and takes 2-3 naps pretty consistently with less and less crying.
  • Separation Anxiety.  Already.  I’m glad my kids love me, but come on!  Worst is that she will not stay with our amah without hollering continuously.  Someone she has known since birth and sees 3 times a week!  As I did with Miles (who suffered with this as well), I take solace in the fact that she wants to be with me now.  As a daughter, I’m sure there will be a time when she wants nothing at all to do with her momma.
  • Motor Skills.  She is able to sit up without me worrying about her toppling over, and in fact she is a really good faller.  She knows to lift her head so it doesn’t whack the floor when she tips.  No crawling persay, but with a combination of pushing, sliding, rolling and reaching she can slowly make progress where she wants to go.  She can get up on her hands and knees and does a little rocking there, but her favorite move is what we call the “floppy fish”.  This entails laying on her belly and lifting her head, arms and legs repeatedly.  I timed her once and she did it for 4 minutes straight.  Think of the core strength she is building!
  • Play!  Hazel is now playing right along side her big brother.  She loves to pick stuff up and give it a taste.  Her favorites include ribbons and tassels, plus anything that makes a crinkly noise.  Peek-a-boo is her favorite game, we can play for what feels like hours and she never gets that I am right behind the pillow.  So sweet.  I put her in the bath without the infant insert for the first time and she had a ball with all the toys (including her brother).
  • Her Brother, Her Idol.  I know she loves Miles.  He’s in the room, her eyes are on him.  She laughs when he does something unexpected (jump into the pool), and calms down in his presence.  It is very sweet.