Not on Facebook?  I realized the past month has brought more updates to non-blog sites, namely facebook.  Here’s a sample of my activity there over there (no need to read if you are already my “friend”):

My hand mixer quit today, went on strike after creaming too much butter and sugar and whipping too much cream. I swear its last words were, “Upgrade to an Kitchenaid Stand Mixer”.   Any Penang friends have a 220V stand mixer I can take off your hands? I can pay you today in banana-rum cake with brown butter frosting.

Yes, I WILL cry over spilt (breast)milk. Tragic.

Tim and Miles built a hawker stall:

Having a blast watching big bro swim. She is laughing, rocking around, and can’t take her eyes off him. What fun!

A morning swim is the human equivalent of holding the power and menu button for 10 seconds. Ahh.

In Malaysia, it’s not “green eggs and ham” (especially not ham), it’s “green egg-tarts and durian”. Thanks to My Wise Wife for the pandan treats! (My comment: Resisting the urge to take this further: I will not eat them, imam-I-am, I do not like green egg tarts and durian. Not on a beach, not on a trishaw, not with a monitor lizard, not at a hawker stall. I do not like them, no, not at all! Lah.)

Challenge: find me something sweeter on this Tuesday afternoon.

My neighbor returned with her 10 month old yesterday, and I keep checking to see if the crying baby is one of mine. But really their voices are very different. Interestingly, Miles has the most high-pitched tone and Hazel’s is more of a demanding shout. Also, her baby sounds quieter than mine. Maybe because he’s in another house, but probably because one’s baby always sounds loudest to the momma!

Sometimes, I really love Penang. I have been meaning to get my vacuum fixed for weeks. Last time I looked for the repair shop, I got lost in Glugor, on the island (at that moment I did not love Penang). Today I called a guy, he came to the door at 10am and picked it up. He just rang my bell 3 hours later with a fixed machine and charged me the equivalent of $12. Love it! Thank you Michelle Grimsley for the rec!

Aumph! Mango! Lunchtime with Hazel.

Banking on my belief that there is nothing that cannot be cured by an early bedtime. I prescribe one to every member of my family tonight.

Thank you, Telecom Malaysia, for effectively weaning Miles off the iPad. He went to it over and over in the last 2 weeks, only to find YouTube “bbbbbrrrrroken!”. That’s all the thanks you are going to get for crappy service. Now that he’s off it, you can bring back my internet. Two weeks off Daily Show and I have no idea what is going on in the world!

Hello, Monday! Miles happily off to kindy, Hazel sleeping, dinner for tonight is done. I have worked out, showered, dressed AND done my hair. Woohoo! (We’ll ignore the broken dishes, bug bites and sibling rivalry tears earlier…) With Winnie Lo Teigen coming to visit tomorrow, this week looks like it will just get better and better!

Daddio & kiddos all very happy to be together this weekend!