Two and a HALF!  It just keeps getting better.  Here is an update from our sweet, not-so-little man.

  • Miles talks like a little person now.  A little person that talks a lot.  There are full sentences, stories, questions, songs and (unfortunately) parrots of what we say (S&%T!).  His made-up, quite descriptive words for things: Scoop-scoop digger, turning-turning screwdriver, dong-dong hammer, up-down, snap-snap pliers, boom-boom pretty lights on (fireworks).  We find ourselves using them too, to perpetuate the cuteness.
  • Memories.  I am pretty sure things are sticking up there.  He brings up all kinds of stuff that I hardly remember.   he loves to hear about is when “Miles was a little guy”, then repeat them later like he remembered it.  Which I suppose he did.
  • Potty trained!  Sometime in the last 3 months, Miles started taking himself to the toilet.  Going out is no problem, and my level of anxiety over carpeted areas has decreased significantly.  He is still not diaper-free, still needing them for naps and nighttime, but major steps in the right direction.
  • Speaking of sleep, we are in a good spot.  Naps and night are solid, and he sleeps about 14 hours a day.  He went through a week-long phase of refusing afternoon naps, but he got through it and is back to a 2-3 hour sleep each afternoon.
  • Miles can say the ABCs, and recognize most letters & numbers and count to 29.  He’s been loving going to kindy, and I would love it too if he would stop bringing home the plague every 2 weeks.
  • Not a baller.  He is probably the slowest runner in his pack of friends, and has little to no interest in kicking, throwing or batting a ball.  He does have a Michael Phelps body type – all torso and feet, with a little butt and short legs.  He typically wears a size 4T top, 18 month shorts and size 9 shoes.  His toddler belly comes and goes, but after a big meal it can be drum-like.
  • What he does love to do: Miles loves playing with all the things nature has to offer, a perfect morning might be one at the beach collecting shells and rocks, or wondering around the gardens here looking for “beans”, flowers, snails and interesting color leaves.  He loves to build things with legos and any toy with wheels – Diggers, trains, airplanes, boats.  He also loves to help in the kitchen, measuring, pouring and mixing.  And of course tasting.  He will taste a flour/soda/salt mixture just for the experience, but he knows the best stuff is on the beaters and waits for them to be released.
  • Speaking of eating, I feel very lucky that Miles is a great eater.  He really will eat almost anything, and typically finishes what is on his plate.  Favorites remain treats: olives, candy, berries of all sorts, flavored yogurt, macaroni & cheese, sausages, and hard-boiled eggs (without the “moon” yolk, that is).  At some point recently, he started eating the same breakfast as Tim and I, granola, yogurt and fruit.  We try to have dinner together, and all eat the same foods.  Before we eat, we give thanks, then Miles says a blessing, something he learned at kindy: blessings on the meal, peace upon the earth, itadakimasu*, or in Miles-speak: Blessing on the meal. Pizza Pony, Ah! Ita Da-may Ahhhh! *Japanese for “Bon Appetit”, literally “I humbly receive”.
  • Miles is a family-man, loves being with his Mommio, Daddio and Bay’Hazel.  And we love being with him too.