August 2012

A super fun age!  Here’s what our baby girl is up to.

  • Love.  Yes, at such a young age, Hazel has found herself deep in it.  Her infatuation is directed and intense; when he is in the room, she only has eyes for him: Miles.  That girl loves her brother and emulates him constantly.  She would follow him to the ends of the earth.  Love.  He is still playing hard to get, but does have great shows of affection at times, even on occasion ones that don’t involve sitting on her.
  • Moving: Hazel is a full time crawler now, and loves to pull up onto her knees or her signature left knee, right foot proposal stance.  She is into a lot, but not nearly as much as when her brother was this age.  Perhaps thats because we still have everything baby-proofed and put away from when he terrorized this place.  Of course, her favorite thing to get into is whatever Miles is into, and her favorite place to go is where Miles goes.  Pretty fun.
  • Communication: We have started signing with Hazel.  Miles is in on the training too, showing her the signs for hungry, more, etc. This morning, she looked very close to signing “more”.  She continues to shake her head for “no”, and say “dada”, and will rock in her chair to communicate yes (like a full body nod).  If Miles comes into the room, or we go to wake him up, she will squeal and blabber to him in excitement.
  • Mellow Yellow: Miles made up colors for each of us in the family and Hazel’s is yellow (she does look fantastic in yellow, gets it from the Bolhouse men Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Jim).  It also works for mellow.  That girl has gone from essentially hating life (and the car and being awake) at one month, to being totally composed in most situations currently.  She’s not one for extremes, meaning she is stingy with smiles and outpouring of excited happiness, but also has had very limited meltdowns or even upset crying.  Note: This is a Stelzer trait as she certainly does not get this reserved nature from her momma.
  • Food: Hazel loves food.  She moved away from so much self-feeding this month and is enjoying every combination I can come up with from potato-pea-mint mash to baby mujadara. I couldn’t even say what her favorite is, everything goes neatly down the hatch through a baby bird mouth.  The quantities she can consume are staggering.  She is still meat, dairy, wheat, and egg free at this point, which leaves plenty of options for us to use through her first year (a recommendation from her doctor, due to early food sensitivities through my milk causing congestion and eczema).  She is nursing 4-5 times a day, and I continue to limit my dairy intake for her sake.
  • Sleep: A mother’s obsession.  Things are going really well, all up.  This month, we moved her bedtime back to 7pm so we can all eat dinner as a family.  She has been getting up around 5:30 for milk, then back down until about 6:30.  Morning nap at 8:30, afternoon nap at 1:15.  We are on a really good schedule now.  All sleep happens with the comfort of the pink monkey.
  • And… No teeth, but hair!  A tiny little whisper of blondish overs her entire globe and appears to be coming in quite evenly.  I think I’ll miss the baldness, it’s so clean and sweet.  She loves swimming (especially after you-know-who) and sorting through a toy box.  She loves giving and getting raspberries.  Such a joy right now.



We have two babies.

We have two carseats, two cribs, and two booster seats at the table.  We have two Ergos and two is enough children to justify the number of strollers we own.  I go to the store and buy two boxes of diapers (even though they are in the same size now, and could share I suppose, but I get different brands).  At times, there are two children crying, we’ve had two babies teething, and some sweet afternoons, there are two babies napping.  I often have to help two little people get food into their mouth, and there is a pile of sippy cups in our cabinet.  There are two early bedtimes, and lots of board books to be read.

As sweet and admittedly often tiring two babies are, I have to realize there will come a day when we have two elementary school kids, and (gasp) two teenagers, then hopefully two kids in college.  I savor this time with my babies, even if I can’t get them both to look at the camera!

Just in case any of you needed to look at a bunch of pictures of Hazel with her monkey. I think I like this one best.  Captioned: “Gimme a boost, Pinkie.”

Which do you like best?



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I am still cooking.  I am not still blogging about cooking.  In the wake of having our baby Hazel, something had to go.  I wouldn’t let it be running or yoga or swimming.  I wouldn’t let it be traveling or playdates or throwing parties.  I wouldn’t even let it be cooking most meals from scratch each night or doing an insane amount of baking.  And while some (read:Tim) may argue what went was a sane wife (see above), what I let go was taking pictures while I cook and writing about it later.  A small sacrifice.  But maybe some suffer.  If you used my weekly musings on food to inspire you, that might be you.

If you sail in that boat, here is something to keep you afloat (cheez alert).  What’s been cooking around here:

  • I’ve been working my way through Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.  OK, with 2 kids it sometimes takes a lot longer than 30 minutes, especially if you have to go to 6 grocery stores to get all the ingredients you need.  But, I find the promise that someone somewhere did this in a half an hour motivating.  And the dishes are delicious.
  • Joy the Baker is a favorite blogger.  She recently wrote a cookbook.  I think I have made a third of the recipes out of that book already.  Oh my, the butter I buy. (Above picture is from my most recent effort)
  • I am also often inspired by Smitten Kitchen.
  • Miles loves ice cream, so yesterday we made Magic Strawberry Ice Cream.  What’s so magic?  No churner required.
  • Miles.  My baking buddy.  Give that boy a whisk, a bowl and an apron and he is off.  He even plays playdoh kitchen (one pot of playdoh and everything out of my kitchen).  Fun, Fun Fun.
  • I’ll hit up old favorites, like the Moosewood Cookbook, Laurel’s Kitchen and Eat, Drink & Be Vegan to mix things up.
  • I appreciate the weekend hawker meal, and don’t feel bad one bit about giving myself a break.
  • Speaking of breaks…We recently started asking our amah to cook one meal a week. Should have started this earlier. She is a fantastic Indian, Malay, Chinese, Nyonya  cook, her dishes are insanely good.  What I should do is start taking lessons from her and writing about those here!

Happy cooking.

I think he’s got the look.  AND his trike is totally a fixie.  Sigh.  That’s what you get when you born a babe in Austin.

Our sweet Ada turned 3 last weekend, and she continues to torture these boys who adore her.  But guess who she’s got her eye on?

Watching the semi-final badminton match last night between Malaysia and China, I found it interesting to be able to translate the crowd encouragement on both sides.  The Chinese shouted “Jia You!” (literally: add gas), while the Malaysians cheered “Boleh!” (can, in Bahasa).  Malaysia advanced to the final gold/silver medal match, against another Chinese.  The Chinese is the favorite, and his gold medal would add to the stack of what will be a dominating pile for China.; they will certainly have the most of any country.  Whereas for Malaysia, a gold medal by local Penangite Dato’ Lee Chong Wei would be the first EVER gold medal for Malaysia.  Ever.  Who (besides 1.3 billion Chinese) wouldn’t want to get behind this underdog?  Plus, with a gold, rumor has it we could possibly stretch our 3-day holiday weekend an extra day.  Malaysia loves its public holidays and one for a gold seems fitting.