Watching the semi-final badminton match last night between Malaysia and China, I found it interesting to be able to translate the crowd encouragement on both sides.  The Chinese shouted “Jia You!” (literally: add gas), while the Malaysians cheered “Boleh!” (can, in Bahasa).  Malaysia advanced to the final gold/silver medal match, against another Chinese.  The Chinese is the favorite, and his gold medal would add to the stack of what will be a dominating pile for China.; they will certainly have the most of any country.  Whereas for Malaysia, a gold medal by local Penangite Dato’ Lee Chong Wei would be the first EVER gold medal for Malaysia.  Ever.  Who (besides 1.3 billion Chinese) wouldn’t want to get behind this underdog?  Plus, with a gold, rumor has it we could possibly stretch our 3-day holiday weekend an extra day.  Malaysia loves its public holidays and one for a gold seems fitting.