I am still cooking.  I am not still blogging about cooking.  In the wake of having our baby Hazel, something had to go.  I wouldn’t let it be running or yoga or swimming.  I wouldn’t let it be traveling or playdates or throwing parties.  I wouldn’t even let it be cooking most meals from scratch each night or doing an insane amount of baking.  And while some (read:Tim) may argue what went was a sane wife (see above), what I let go was taking pictures while I cook and writing about it later.  A small sacrifice.  But maybe some suffer.  If you used my weekly musings on food to inspire you, that might be you.

If you sail in that boat, here is something to keep you afloat (cheez alert).  What’s been cooking around here:

  • I’ve been working my way through Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.  OK, with 2 kids it sometimes takes a lot longer than 30 minutes, especially if you have to go to 6 grocery stores to get all the ingredients you need.  But, I find the promise that someone somewhere did this in a half an hour motivating.  And the dishes are delicious.
  • Joy the Baker is a favorite blogger.  She recently wrote a cookbook.  I think I have made a third of the recipes out of that book already.  Oh my, the butter I buy. (Above picture is from my most recent effort)
  • I am also often inspired by Smitten Kitchen.
  • Miles loves ice cream, so yesterday we made Magic Strawberry Ice Cream.  What’s so magic?  No churner required.
  • Miles.  My baking buddy.  Give that boy a whisk, a bowl and an apron and he is off.  He even plays playdoh kitchen (one pot of playdoh and everything out of my kitchen).  Fun, Fun Fun.
  • I’ll hit up old favorites, like the Moosewood Cookbook, Laurel’s Kitchen and Eat, Drink & Be Vegan to mix things up.
  • I appreciate the weekend hawker meal, and don’t feel bad one bit about giving myself a break.
  • Speaking of breaks…We recently started asking our amah to cook one meal a week. Should have started this earlier. She is a fantastic Indian, Malay, Chinese, Nyonya  cook, her dishes are insanely good.  What I should do is start taking lessons from her and writing about those here!

Happy cooking.