We have two babies.

We have two carseats, two cribs, and two booster seats at the table.  We have two Ergos and two is enough children to justify the number of strollers we own.  I go to the store and buy two boxes of diapers (even though they are in the same size now, and could share I suppose, but I get different brands).  At times, there are two children crying, we’ve had two babies teething, and some sweet afternoons, there are two babies napping.  I often have to help two little people get food into their mouth, and there is a pile of sippy cups in our cabinet.  There are two early bedtimes, and lots of board books to be read.

As sweet and admittedly often tiring two babies are, I have to realize there will come a day when we have two elementary school kids, and (gasp) two teenagers, then hopefully two kids in college.  I savor this time with my babies, even if I can’t get them both to look at the camera!